Growing up I realised that my self-expression was intrinsically linked to fashion. This emotional connection is something that has stayed with me throughout my life and informs my design process to this day.

Fashion is a fantasy in that you can use it as a means to shape your identity and the idea that MATH COLLECTIVE can be part of that process for someone else is what drives me to create.

In today’s society I think the need for functionality and comfort is paramount, however it’s my job as a designer to add to that dialogue though my specific point of view.

MATH COLLECTIVE approaches tailoring in a manner that is precise in its construction yet sympathetic to the form of the body. The attention on colour and fabrication is deliberate and unique. The ease and technical nature of jersey combined with the lightness and rich quality of silk is a contradiction that offers a new perspective on everyday luxury.

Personal style is rooted in self-confidence and the minimalist designs aesthetic is a reflection of this ethos. There is a power in making a subtle statement and that idea is constantly informing my work.

Seeing these creative ideas take shape and transform in the real world is what keeps me inspired and I thank you for being apart of this journey.
When designing it can be described as a series of calculated steps leading to the creative realization of an idea. It’s a balance between precision and freedom. MΛTH is my take on this equation, how I arrange these elements together to express my own creative vision of the modern woman experiencing luxury in a real way.
Shahzad Mohayudin