Core Jacket HOMME Powder Blue


The Core Jacket is a contemporary take on the mens classic. Being made of jersey gives it a modern sensibility while still providing all the comfort you would expect from your favourite leisurewear. A silhouette that is truly both smart and casual, the Core Jacket is incredibly versatile and will instantly elegant your sartorial style. 

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UK Size S M L
Dress Size UK 8 - UK 10 UK 12 - UK 14 UK 16 - UK 18
Bust 34"-36" 38"-39" 41"-43"
Waist 26"-28" 30"-32" 34"-37"
Hips 34"-36" 34"-36" 34"-36"
When designing it can be described as a series of calculated steps leading to the creative realization of an idea. It’s a balance between precision and freedom. MΛTH is my take on this equation, how I arrange these elements together to express my own creative vision of the modern woman experiencing luxury in a real way.
Shahzad Mohayudin